N3 will begin by redeveloping remote observing activities using robotic telescopes, with a learning pathway that begins with NASA's Universe of Learning MicroObservatory data and continues through Astronomy From Home activities using larger telescopes.

Second year activities include model rocketry and payload development, based on work previously done through NASA's Rising Data program.

Neurodiversity resources

Neurodiversity Network - Provides resources for neurodivergent job seekers and neurodivergent students, employers & universities, & the support of the neurodiverse community.

Neurodiversity Hub - Provides resources to help with the transition from high school to college, and from college to the workforce.

AFIRM - A series of modules designed to train K-12 teachers and classroom aides to work with autistic students.

NSTA - Information about teaching students with autism.

Autismazing - Organizing seeking to improve college attendance and employment for autistic learners.

Top College Consulting - List of autism-friendly colleges.

Vanderbilt’s Frist Center for Autism and Innovation - This site has many resources for college students and those transitioning into the workplace.

Stanford Neurodiversity Project - This site has many resources for high school and college students who are neurodiverse.

Differing Abilities in STEM - March 25, 2021 seminar featuring Dr. Temple Grandin and other experts discussing how to create inclusive STEM environments so that students of all abilities can be successful.