NASA's Neurodiversity Network

"Neurodiversity may be every bit
as crucial for the human race as
biodiversity is for life in general"
- Harvey Blume

About N3

NASA's Neurodiversity Network (N3) is providing a pathway to NASA participation and STEM employment for neurodiverse learners, with a focus on those on the autism spectrum. Project goals include:

  • Enable STEM education for a segment of the population that is significantly underserved by co-redeveloping existing NASA resources with autistic learners.
  • Improve scientific literacy for this underserved population by providing authentic NASA experiences for autistic STEM learners.
  • Partner with autism-focused organizations to leverage our efforts to create a sustainable pathway that provides autistic learners with the social and technical skills needed for successful STEM careers.
  • Work with autism experts to provide professional learning for SMEs and the NASA community around neurodivergence and best practices for working with autistic learners.

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